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Welcome to The Land of Tyrunnoak.

Here you will read and learn about the world and what is in it. read on and quest on.

  • Dark Water & Mist,
    This black slug like substances taints anything it touches. Where there is Dark Water there is likely to be Mist close by.
    Mist and Dark Water can taint then morph living things into savage, beast like things. Plants will weather and die but in some events they change into carnivorous things.
    changing do to contamination of Mist can take as short as 3 days but has been know to take longer. Few hours in the mist normally don’t have a long standing effect besides a day of sickness.
    Yet a long stead of time can have effects that may last a life time. Still after 2 days and no signs of metamorphosis their is little chance that you will turn into a mist creature.
  • Dark Water can morph things in mere seconds not many have ever survive an encounter with the black sludge. Some races have been changed by Dark Water to seeming make them anew. An example of this is the Drow. the northern elves were over ran by the dark Water and where changed in to the feral Drow Elves.
  • Dark Water can be found inland but is rare so very unlikely that it is not even a point of worrier by most not living in the coastal cities.
    Most creatures changed by the Mist have a instinct to help it grow and consume more. It is said that some creatures need to drink the Dark Water to stay alive. This has never been proven but studies are being done to understand the black substance.

The only Ocean in the all the land of Tyrunnoak with safe waters is the Alius ocean. No one knows why but Mist does not form there and Dark Water is rarely seen.
People from all of the land have tells about where the Dark Water came from why the Mist is there but no one truly knows why or even where is came from.

The Lands with in Tyrunnoak.

  • Tyrunnoak is called the land watched by the gods. This is one of the many stories as to why the mist does not over take it. yet no god is with out fault this is why some of this tainted substance slips through the cracks.
  • Moon Ridge, named the safest kingdom in all the land. set in the center of Tyrunnoak this Kingdom is converted by many others with power.
  • The Red Forest, Is the grandest of all in the land.
  • Elderwood The home of the elves within the Red Forest. they are the protectors and guardians.
  • Drexell this city’s by the sea. This kingdom has open waters as far as the eye can see and is the largest trad post in the land. Drexell is also know for its tourism being an open ocean and mid tropic it would would its paradise.
  • Miridell Pass, is a large valley where a took place 200 years ago between the elves and dwarfs for leading power over the land. Kaing Miridell a dwarven worrier who stood apon his ground fighting for his home. after this one dwarf slain 50 elves in row he stood with his axe down leaning for balance and told the eleven army to go home. Kaing Miridell died standing there leaning on his axe looking as if his was ready to fight if any elf would try returning to battle.

Moon Ridge, The Dwarven Kingdom.

Moon Ridge is kingdom forged by not just one race the dwarfs settled here because of the ridge like Crescent Mountain where they built home in and around. this Plato mountain sloping 3 and a half miles down at a moderate incline. there is a lake named Moon Lake at the top of the Plato. this lake leads down a waterfall that starts the wide river in the city of twain.

  • Twain is the city that lies south of the Moon Ridge mountain. the gleaming river are clean and plentiful with much of the traffic of this great city gathers close to the river.
    you would have a hard time finding a race that did not live in the two sided city. Elves live mostly in the eastern part of the city. which adds to its color and beautiful stone work. each building, bridge and structure can tell a story of its work.
    Gnomes live mostly in the north along side the dwarfs. their knack for inventing is a welcome to twain for it helps with ways to mine and to get/transport goods.
    In the west you can find Bellick Woods where most lumber is gathered and some game is found. Stone is the main export from this region for the people know that it is the best in the land.
    Wind Mills, Water mills and pulley systems are part of the every day life in this grand town. pace is a lovely thing but it comes at a cost. all must be ready to defend there home if anyone’s try to take it from them and you must know the king of your kingdom Orion Elmennston
  • Orion Elmennstone The great protect and king of Moon Ridge. 5th king of the Elmennstone line. He lives in the castle that sits on top of the mountain in the Moon River.

Elder Wood & The Red Forest

The Eleven Kingdom of Elder Wood is the kingdom deep in the Red Forest. With city’s on the edge of the wood and just within most of the Kingdom is deep within the forest.

  • The Queen of Elder Wood, Ledahlia Oakred. Queen Ledahlia found her place after her mother and father died fighting in the War of Dark Water.
    Ledahlia ran away from her duties as queen after sh realizing she did not know how to be one with the forest. 12 years passed before her return now a druid that had equal. Her people welcomed her with open arms back to spot as queen. She has lead her people and the forest back to its former glory. The Elder Wood has a hate involving the Dark water and the mist.
Elder Wood

The Eleven people with in the Elder Wood are Wizards, Sorcerers, Rangers and Druids.
The elves within Elder Wood are mostly Vegetarians but still eat eggs, cheeses and drink milk. The main city is no easy feat to find. deep within the Red forest there are many dangers and traps for unwanted beast.
The great trees of the Red Forest have a crystal like look under there bark. This can glow a dim red and or blue. the eleven kind that live here ask that the great trees talk to one willing to hear them.
Most of the city is built right in to the trees and the trees happily grow to expand the city. with walkways, playground and even some housing. The great trees will just grow as the people need them.
The main city is in 3 tiers with a note to the 2nd tier at the most nothern part, has the Elder Hall a place of Council when needed but on more normal occasions is used as a grand music hall where only the best are offered to play. the Grandest music in all of Tyrunnoak is in the Elder Hall.

The War of Dark Water

A long time ago on the cost of the burning waves, Dark water found its way on to the land. the Dark Water made the tainted Mist which moved in and morphed all living things in it path. King Oakred the Elf king of Elder Wood, ask “how do we fight something that acts as nature?” He sent many party’s on quest to find any way or idea to defeat Dark Water.
Dark Water can take months to find its way up the land so time was something they had but how much was unknown. The Elder Wood still had t fight Mist Changed creatures and things mainly to stop them from aiding the Dark Water from moving to fast.

During this war the Queen was infected by Mist and morphed into a Dark spawn the king gave his life fighting his love changed by the dark black substance.
Legend say he used a spell that turned him into a being of light and pushed the Dark Water away. Is this true no one know but the Dark Water did return to the water of the Burn Waves soon after the death of the queen and king.


  • A Human Kingdom with King Michael Kepler at its head. Paxton has the Night ocean to its east. Paxton is a kingdom that is ever changing. The Kingdom has many enemies as well as many fiends and monsters that find there way in. because of fighting with in and the monsters form the Ferm Forest fighting their way in Paxton is rebuilding and the ever changing cyclical start anew.
  • The Paxton Knights are know to be the Strongest and most skilled fights. Being fearless is the most standing trait of the knights. they fight more monsters then most treasurer haunters seen. The people saver the King with little question thanks to the fact Paxton is peaceful as it gets for this part. The most unique thing about Paxton is every man is trained to fight in some way. The belief is that no man should go unknowing how to fight for the levies of others,.

Ferm Forest

  • Ferm Forest is well known for having the most foul creatures in Tyrunnoak. The dark woods hide them well thanks to the Night Ocean being to the east. Mist founds it way into the forest often. you may never know what you may find within the forest monster or treasure.

The Rand Mountains

  • North of Moon Ridge these Mountains are know for the drakes and dragons. Giants and Orcs make there homes in these mountains. most Valleys have been made into home steads for the giants.
    once a small Kingdom was in these mountains. where has been lost for some time. yet the tells say a great dragon lives in the ruins of the kingdom .


  • A simple land where the Halflings mostly live. Rundell has no kingdom just the people who live with the land who is said that are always in good sprites. The town of Dell is the closest you have to a booming city in Rundell.
    The Elder Wood elves watch over Rundell which helps to detour invades.
    You will find no fruit or vegetable more tasteful and big then the produce form Rundell.
    Rundell is the the main producer of crops for most of Moon Ridge and Elder Wood.

wolf Creek

  • A well known Creek of fresh Water the flows to Alcolt.


  • A Kingdom that is known for its odd population there are more odd races and outsides in Alcolt then most. a favorite place for rouges as the main powers seem to be guilds not the king and queen. If once lost you may find ones self in Alcolt or maybe you may loss yourself in the town.

Creedence River

  • Home PageThe Creedence River spans from the top of the Rand mountains to the Alius ocean. This river splits the continent in half. there is a canyon in the north mountain area where few ever travel. The Creedence river only stops once on its way down to the south. A lake that acts as a spill way. this lake was widened by the people hoping they could bring more people into the valley for a new settlement.

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