The land of TyrunnOak

The Journals and tales TyrunnOak
These are writing by the players.

Journal of Lucetta Drace, entry one

What started off as a simple trip to see the last of my family ended up much stranger than I could have even dreamed of. The caravan I’d been travelling with, and nearly every living being that was a part of it, all awoke in what I can only describe as a crude, underground prison. Somehow, the brutes must have taken us by surprise as we slept; only myself and a handful remained, and we awoke just in time to witness one of them being taken. We found his body later, roasting over a spit like some suckling pig… Our imprisonment was crude in more ways than one.

As anyone who might read this in some distant future might be able to tell, we escaped our imprisonment, to find that our captors were goblins; oddly crafty ones at that. We discovered our gear scattered through the maze-like prison, narrowly avoiding a few traps along the way, though most of the goblins were in the room where most of our things were kept. Apparently, they didn’t see it fit to keep the elves’ things under close guard. Or the dwarf’s. Goblins are a strange lot.

There were easily ten, maybe more, in that one room; one even managed to run as far as his misshapen legs could cart him. Good riddance.

Myself and the rest of these people I reluctantly call my allies hurried on ahead, stopping only to listen to what sounds we could hear from the apparent throne room; we heard the demon and his goblin slaves within before we saw them. When we did open the doors, a massive, frantic beast lay beyond, nearly severing myself and another in two. I managed to leave a sizeable wound in his chest before he knocked me unconscious.

When I was awoken, I discovered the fate of my poor Xavier; the last bit of family I had from those horrid days had too been roasted over a spit. I wish I had left him with another, as it had been suggested to me! He might still be alive and happy, romping in some fields far from those goblins!

I had little time to mourn him, however, as the rest of the group rummaged through the various treasures of the room. I paid little mind, as the greatsword the grand beast had dropped was… calling to me. Yes, it had prodded into my mind and actively sought me. What else could I do but rush to such a curiosity?

As I found out shortly after, the sword, along with much of the goods found in this room, were meant to be buried with a great dwarven paladin from long ago; while we agreed to let the armor stay in its resting place, the sword would have no word of staying put, and INSISTED I take it with me. I’ve seldom seen such fine or, yes, eager blade. I must find out more about it at a later date.

Now we have ventured to town to recover from our torment. I made sure to give Xavier a proper burial before we left, however; as my last friend, he deserved that much.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring my way? The fates have taken a curious interest in me, I must say, and I’d better be more cautious from here on out.


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